Programme of ECARS second summer school


Period: 3-12 April 2017

Exercises will imply:

  1. NMME evaluation using PollyXT: assimilated vs. control runs (dust) [Stavros Solomos]
  2. CAMS evaluation (dust, marine) [Evangelos Gerasopoulos]
  3. RAMS marine vs Polly [Vassilis Amiridis]
  4. AIRS water vapor validation using MWR, CIMEL, Polly [Filioglou Maria, Elina Giannakaki]
  5. Sentinel-3 AOD vs CIMEL/and other photometers [Stelios Kazadzis]
  6. CALIPSO/CATS CCN/IN vs Polly [Eleni Marinou, Manolis Proestakis]
  7. MODIS/VIIRS evaluation vs Cloud Radar [Elina GIannakaki]
  8. Station aspects for cal/val [CALIPSO study spatial variability around the station] [Vassilis Amiridis, Manolis Proestakis]
  9. World Megacities and Aerosols [Stelios Kazadzis]

Participants are kindly asked to bring their own laptop.

Directions from Airport