Competition: Best Essay on Atmospheric Science

Competition: Best Essay on Atmospheric Science

Do you want to visit Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg for free? Participate to our competition: “Best essay on atmospheric science”!

Who can apply?

Students, master and PhD students from Romanian universities, who are interested in atmospheric sciences.

What should you submit?

An essay (no longer than 10 pages) containing original ideas and opinions regarding global challenges and expected future development of scientific fundamentals, observation technologies and applications, as well as their expected impact on human race. The essay should provide well reasoned answers to topical questions such as: “Is climate change really happening?”; “How will our life be affected by climate change in the next 20 years ?”; “What is the importance of the atmosphere composition in this scenario?”; “What technological break-through is necessary to better understand and control atmospheric processes?”; “Where and how will the humans live in the following centuries?” Understanding of the problematic, logical thinking and creativity are the most important aspects to be considered when writing the essay.

Where should you submit the essay, and when?

Send your short CV (max. 5 lines) and contact (email, phone number) together with the essay to, by October 15th 2016.

What follows?

Selected contributions will be showcased on ECARS Twitter (, for public voting. The winning essay will be the one with the higher number of “likes” collected by the end of October 2016 . The winning entry will be announced by email and the winner will be invited to spend one week at Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie (MPI-M) in Hamburg, Germany.

Need more info?

Address your questions to